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Lune Art Show ($10 Entry Fee)


Lune Art presents ~ ☆ The Universe Inside of Us ☆

Opening Reception: Friday, March 1, 5:00pm-11:00pm

Lune Art is hosting their first artshow at the venue space Hommé from February 23rd to March 1st. Come out to see from a vast point of view as Lune Art’s abstract works of art transport you to other worlds ~★ This theme however doesn’t come from the stars, but from within the artist Courtney Collins. We all hold a mini universe in all of us so come, and leave inspired after seeing where a rocket ship of creativity can take you on a journey into inner galaxies.


☾ The artist Courtney Collins has made Lune Art, LLC her first business venture. Courtney always grew up around art as she would do drawings next to her grandmother as a child. First looking at art as a hobby in her teen years and then turning it into a passion in her early 20s. “There’s deeper meaning to artwork than it just being art. There’s feelings, questions left unanswered, journeys beginning ending or still being written. But as a wise lady once said, “I’m just enjoying the ridee~”, still inspires me to continue on through the ups and downs of making art slowly turn from a passion into a life path.” ~Courtney “Lune” Collins☽


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Instagram: _luneart_

Twitter: lunearth

Earlier Event: February 24
Later Event: March 2
Lune Art on Display